The figures of the new Rimac Nevera

The figures of the new Rimac Nevera
The figures of the new Rimac Nevera

Rimac finally confirms its second model. After the “One”, the novelty is called Nevera, named after a Mediterranean storm. A car aesthetically close to the first model, but which pushes the performance of an electric to its climax.

The Nevera has four electric motors for a total of 1.4 MW, or about 1915 hp, and especially 2360 Nm of torque. Do you want numbers? Here are some. The 0 to 100 is crossed in 1.97 seconds, the 300 km / h is passed in less than 10 seconds and the maximum speed is 410 km / h. However, the 0 to 100 seems extreme and will require enormous efforts on the tires, which will probably be the limiting factor during acceleration.

The 120 kWh battery allows the Nevera to travel approximately 550 km on the WLTP cycle. A feat for such a powerful machine, even if the autonomy will melt like snow in the sun if the driver requests all the cavalry.

At 2 million euros each, this electric hypercar exclusively configured by the customer is almost a “good deal” against a Bugatti Chiron much more expensive, and not necessarily more technological. A machine that is not only efficient, but also relatively comfortable if we look at the first tests carried out.


figures Rimac Nevera

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