a spy case for China in court in Poland – archyde

a spy case for China in court in Poland – archyde
a spy case for China in court in Poland – archyde

The Chinese telecommunications giant, Huawei was banned from USA, because according to the Trump administration, the phone maker was active in intelligence for Beijing. Huawei has repeatedly denied that its equipment could be used for espionage by authorities in Beijing, but the United States pressured countries to ban it. In Europe, the Britain and the Sweden were the only ones to agree in this direction. The Poland could follow suit. In January 2019, the Polish counter-intelligence agency arrested and charged an employee of the Chinese tech giant, on allegations of espionage. This Tuesday began his trial.

Things are getting more complicated for Huawei in Poland

In fact, in January Polish authorities arrested two men. The Polish Minister of Special Services identified the two men as Weijing W., a Chinese national “linked to a Chinese telecommunications company”And Piotr D., “a former public official“. Later investigations will reveal that “Weijing W ” is nothing else that Weijing Wang, 39, a former employee of Huawei Technologies Co, and Piotr D, a former Polish secret service agent.

According to the prosecution file, Wang Weijing, under the pretext of being a Huawei executive, spent more than seven years spying for the China trying to strengthen the company’s ability to influence the Polish government. Weijing allegedly recruited as part of his secret activities, Piotr D, a Polish secret service agent to keep him informed ” on the means of influencing the radio networks of the country’s emergency and public security services ».

Tuesday’s trial should therefore determine whether the two men were guilty or not. However, the two men deny the facts with which they are charged and according to Chinese legal counsel, the prosecution has no tangible evidence on which to base its accusation. Weijing Wang and Piotr D face 10 years in prison if found guilty. A trial that will certainly not engage the Polish parliament to ratify an already controversial collaboration with the Chinese giant for the deployment of 5G on the territory.

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spy case China court Poland archyde

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