Why close your life insurance fund in euros without delay?

Why close your life insurance fund in euros without delay?
Why close your life insurance fund in euros without delay?

SAVINGS – You may not be aware of it, but euro fund life insurance contracts are not as attractive as they used to be. If you have any, it becomes urgent to give your savings back to life with more profitable investments.


The ebb in the remuneration of life insurance contracts in euros is food for thought. It is therefore high time to stop the bleeding of its purchasing power. The most effective way to strengthen your purchasing power is to abandon your life insurance in euro funds and invest your money in real estate investment companies or SCPIs. This is good since the SCPI is the preferred placement of the French in 2021

Why should you make a clean sweep of your life insurance in euro funds and invest your money in SCPI?

Closing your life insurance in euro funds would have been unthinkable a few years ago. However, times are changing. The rate on government bonds has reached a low level, around 0%. Under these conditions, it is clear that, within two years, the average remuneration of life insurance contracts in euro funds will be less than 1%. Remember that it was only 1.3% last year, which is not very flattering for your money!

Also, is it useful to place your money under such conditions? In any case, not for the more than a million investors who have bought units of performance SCPIs. It is natural that the latter seek to increase their purchasing power. Speaking of increasing purchasing power, the best performance SCPIs yield around 6.00% per year, and this performance is clear.

As Lionel Benhamou, one of the founding partners of La Centrale des SCPI (www.centraledesscpi.com), the leading French digital savings network, points out: “A large proportion of savers who call us at have either closed their life insurance in euro funds, or made partial redemptions. For our customers, these were inescapable decisions to save their purchasing power. ”

Performance SCPIs are mutualized assisted real estate savings products. They make it possible to buy with subscribers’ money, business real estate (offices, commercial premises, business premises, warehouses, real estate related to health and education, etc.) but also residential real estate.

The dynamic of performance SCPIs is to have a European strike force. The 38 management companies in the digital stone market are in fact acquiring more and more real estate assets in or outside the euro zone. SCPIs are also one of the best performance SCPIs. However, we must not forget the 100% French SCPIs which still represent more than half of the market.

How to buy the best REITs and make a successful investment?

Buying the best SCPIs is in no way a difficulty linked to a lack of financial means. Indeed, it is possible to buy SCPIs and build a high-performance multi-SCPI portfolio for a few tens of thousands of euros. Placing your money on these media is therefore within the reach of almost all budgets. The fact that SCPIs can be bought by all fringes of investors has also allowed their democratization since they are no longer the prerogative of an elite. In addition, it is possible to invest in SCPI online, a boon for any investor.

As Gregorie Moulinier, one of the founding partners of La Centrale des SCPI, notes: “Our company has specialized for nearly ten years in the development of tailor-made multi-SCPI portfolios. Indeed, some SCPIs, although they are in the SCPI rankings, do not necessarily correspond exactly to what some of our clients are looking for while they make others happy. You must therefore take the time to settle down and let your choice of SCPI mature with the help of our consultants. ”

As indicated, the Health SCPIs are safe bets, foolproof patrimonial shields. Among these is the SCPI Pf Hospitalité Europe, managed by Perial Asset Management. The SCPI Pf Hospitalité Europe, which has chosen to buy assets related to health, education, and accommodation has an objective of net foreign tax return of nearly 5%.

As for diversified SCPIs, it is wise to buy shares in the SCPI Epargne Pierre managed by the Atland-Voisin group, which capitalizes more than 1.4 billion euros. With mutualization pushed at its peak, this SCPI has always distributed more than 5% to its partners since 2014. What other life insurance contract in euro funds could have done the same? No.

Finally, the SCPI Eurovalys, managed by Advenis Real Estate Investment Management, focused on German office real estate. This choice of assets allows Eurovalys partners to benefit from a buoyant economy and very attractive taxation. It also shows for the year 2020 a return net of fees, charges and German taxes of 4.5%.

The advice of the experts of La Centrale des SCPI is thus to mix these three SCPIs together in order to constitute a balanced multi-SCPI portfolio. For example, investing 100,000 euros in these three SCPIs allows any saver to considerably increase their income.

Because it is important to be open to the diversity of assets, SCPIs are the sine qua non of successful savings to increase their purchasing power but also their assets. It is also fundamental not to put all your eggs in the same basket, which management companies do for savers by pooling their real estate stocks as much as possible.

The conclusion is clear: abandoning your life insurance contract in euro funds in favor of investing in SCPI shares is an opportunity to save your purchasing power. Much more profitable than life insurance in euro funds and much more accessible than the purchase of an apartment, the SCPI occupies a privileged place in the heritage of the French. It is indeed very easy to buy SCPI shares, however it is imperative to be accompanied by independent professionals. To benefit from adequate advice, the French are increasingly calling on experts from La Centrale des SCPI, which can be reached at

It is difficult to find a more complete website than that of La Centrale des SCPI (www.centraledesscpi.com) where it is now possible to invest 100% online.

Investment in a SCPI is not guaranteed, both from the point of view of dividends received and that of capital preservation. SCPIs depend on fluctuations in the real estate markets.

Before any decision to buy SCPI units, seek professional advice to be sure that this investment matches your wealth profile.

Finally, like any real estate investment, take into account that SCPIs are long-term investments whose minimum holding period cannot be less than eight years.

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