A new protocol per company as of June 9

A new protocol per company as of June 9
A new protocol per company as of June 9

BIG BANG DU FIGARO – The Government is finalizing a lighter protocol. In the program ; meetings, wearing a mask, face-to-face, moments of conviviality, and collective catering.

The new national company protocol (PNE), which will come into force on June 9, was to be finalized on Monday during a video conference between Élisabeth Borne, the Minister of Labor, and the social partners. The final text will be unveiled in the middle of the week in order to “Be able to give employers and employees time to organize themselves”, the ministry said.

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The teleworking recommended at 100% at the end of October 2020 had benefited from a “valve” in January, with the possibility of coming back to the site one day a week for employees who find it difficult to endure isolation and making the request. A new relaxation is planned from June 9 but teleworking will remain recommended until the start of the September.

A minimum number of teleworking days per week, for activities which allow it, must therefore be defined by social dialogue within each company. Any employer who would ask all of its employees to return to the site 100% from June 9 “Would not apply the protocol”, however warned the Rue de Grenelle. The ministry did not indicate a minimum number of days of telework, yet set at three days initially in the public service and then at two days after the 1is July, subject to changes in the health situation. The real return to normal is expected in September.

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Maintained mask wearing

In the private sector, employers can draw inspiration from the national inter-professional agreement (ANI) of 26 November 2020, which “Constitutes a useful frame of reference”, recalls the ministry. The text specifies that the employer will seek, “In addition to the reorganizations of work making it possible to sequence the processes, to review the organization of the workspace and if necessary the time slots of the workers to avoid or limit as much as possible the regroupings and the crossings”.

Meetings by audio or videoconference should be favored. When they take place face-to-face, they must respect barrier gestures (wearing a mask remains in place) and physical distancing, with ventilation and ventilation of the premises. The setting of the gauge at 4 m2 per person has been retained as an indication in the draft text, in order to guarantee a distance of at least one meter around each person in all directions. In duly recorded situations, the distance between two people is increased to 2 meters when the mask cannot be worn.

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In addition, the moments of conviviality bringing together face-to-face employees – who had been suspended since the end of October – should be reinstated in the new protocol.

As for collective catering, the text submitted for the approval of the social partners refers to a specific sheet which will soon be updated and will follow the rules already applied in the restaurants.

“We are really waiting for employees to be able to come back to the site. A divide has already arisen between those who have already had this opportunity and those who have been away from the company for months. People really need to be able to find each other ”, confided Monday evening a leader, who was worried about the increase in psychological distress among employees as well as the increase observed in the number of conventional ruptures.

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