Porsche soon to face the Tesla Model 3 and BMW i4?

Porsche soon to face the Tesla Model 3 and BMW i4?
Porsche soon to face the Tesla Model 3 and BMW i4?

Audi had confirmed it to us during the conference on the A6 e-tron: the PPE platform will be used for a model of the lower segment. Information again commented by our colleagues from Autocar who specify that this A4 e-tron could well have a cousin at Porsche. Logical, given the fact that the PPE platform is the result of joint work between Audi and Porsche.

The German manufacturer could also use the name “Cajun” for this compact sedan, a name registered ten years ago. It would thus be the third electric model of Porsche after the Taycan and Macan, but, above all, this sedan would offer a superb opportunity to go walking on the beds of BMW and Tesla and their i4 and Model 3. Obviously, the risk of Competition with the A4 e-tron will exist, just as there may be between e-tron GT and Taycan. But the price positioning, equipment and performance will be specific to each car to make them stand out.

The project, which is not officially confirmed, depends in part on Porsche’s ability to produce the car, in factories already busy to meet current demand.


Porsche face Tesla Model BMW

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