finally, it will indeed have to reimburse the boxes

finally, it will indeed have to reimburse the boxes
finally, it will indeed have to reimburse the boxes

In September 2011, when the site was launched, Eric Besson, then Minister of Industry and Energy, had nevertheless affirmed that the new Linky meter would not cost “individuals a cent”. Ten years later, the reality is very different.

130 euros per device

According to information from the Parisian, it will indeed be necessary to reimburse the apple green boxes: 130 euros per device, estimates the Court of Auditors, and this from 2022, due to the “deferred tariff” mechanism put in place by Enedis. Le Parisien is based on a deliberation by the Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE) of July 17, 2014, again analyzed by the Court of Auditors in its annual public report in 2018.

More than 90% of homes are now equipped. There were 1.250 million Linky meters in Nord and Pas-de-Calais in 2019. The bill for the deployment of these new meters amounts to 5.7 billion euros. If there are 130 euros per household, there is still 3.7 billion euros to pay that Enedis intends to compensate with the savings ” generated thanks to the counter, with readings now carried out remotely, for example ».

If the company also promises individuals better control of their consumption, consumer associations remain skeptical. ” It is possible, but we still lack studies strong enough to confirm it. “, Also nuances Anne-Sophie Dessillons, deputy director of networks at CRE with Le Parisien. ” If the gains promised by this new device are not there, do not kid ourselves, says a source close to the matter. It is the consumer and no one else who will pay the difference. He can already prepare to take out up to fifteen euros extra on his annual bill for the next seven or eight years. »


finally reimburse boxes

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