individuals will have to reimburse their Linky meter

In 2011, Eric Besson, then Minister of Industry and Energy, told the Parisian: the new Linky meter will not cost “individuals a cent”. However, for the 90% of households now equipped with an apple green meter, we will have to start repaying from 2022.

This is what the Parisian says this Monday, May 31. According to the local daily, if Enedis were to initially take charge of the deployment of these meters, it will be good for individuals to reimburse, by a “deferred tariff” mechanism. Amount of the bill: 5.7 billion euros, according to the calculations of the Court of Auditors, or 130 euros per household.

In total, several hundred thousand euros should be collected each year, to reach two billion euros in 2030, according to information from the Parisian. Regarding the remaining 3.7 billion euros, “as with the deferred, this will be offset by the savings generated by the meter, with readings now carried out remotely for example”, explains Enedis to the local daily.

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individuals reimburse Linky meter

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