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Big change at DKB: Where customers have to pay extra in the future

A big change for customers is imminent at DKB. In the future, you will have to pay extra for certain cards. We have summarized what you need to know now for you here.

At the DKB there are some changes for private customers. For new customers, the new Visa debit card will be available free of charge in addition to the free current account from November. You can use it to pay in euros or withdraw money free of charge. “Active customers” can even do so in other currencies.

According to a report by “mobiFlip”, the Visa debit card will gradually be delivered to 4.8 million existing customers from 2022 onwards. The customers should be informed about this in advance.

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DKB: girocard and credit card are chargeable

DKB customers will soon have to pay extra for a credit card.

DKB customers will soon have to pay extra for a credit card.

Photo: Andrea Warnecke / dpa-tmn

There are also changes for the giro card and the DKB Visa card. The giro card will cost 99 cents per month for new customers in the future. It remains free for existing customers.

The DKB-Visa-Card is renamed to Visa credit card. Existing customers can use this free of charge for at least ten weeks after the Visa debit card has been issued. After that, it costs 2.49 euros per month. New customers also have to pay this price.

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Big change DKB customers pay extra future

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