4 out of 5 Swiss wear glasses or …

More and more people in Switzerland need glasses or contact lenses. This share has increased further over the past four years, Optique Suisse, the association of optometry and optics, said on Wednesday.

Today, four in five people use a visual aid. In 2017, the date of the last survey, a quarter of the population aged 16 to 74 still got by without glasses or contact lenses. The association lists several reasons: the aging of the population and the ever more frequent work in front of computer screens.

More and more children and adolescents affected

Children and adolescents are also more likely to receive glasses or contact lenses than 20 years ago. In the 16 to 24 age group, they were still 55% to do without this accessory in 2001 against only 30% today.

Optique Suisse has been carrying out this survey every four years since 1977. The GfK institute interviewed 1002 people in German-speaking and French-speaking Switzerland for this survey from September 9 to 20.

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