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Lidl: 2G rule when shopping? Clear announcement from the discounter

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In Lower Saxony and Hesse, supermarkets are already allowed to implement the 2G rule when shopping. Will Lidl follow suit?

While Hamburg, for example, extends the 2G rule to hairdressers, other body-hugging services and parts of the retail trade, other federal states and shops are still holding back. But what does that mean exactly? Corona vaccinated and convalescent people can then use participating facilities without a mask. Unvaccinated people, on the other hand, no longer have access. As* reported, in addition to Hamburg, other federal states such as Lower Saxony and Hesse have the opportunity to even implement the 2G rule in supermarkets *.* asked the food giant Lidl about possible plans – Kaufland has already made a clear statement.

In the current situation – i.e. with fewer than 250 corona patients in the intensive care units in the country and a hospitalization incidence below 8.0 – the 3G rule applies, as does reported in the Corona ticker for Baden-Württemberg. According to this, those who have been vaccinated, those who have recovered and who have been tested are allowed in public facilities such as restaurants and fitness studios.

However, restaurant owners have recently been able to choose the 2G model. Then people who have not been vaccinated or recovered are not allowed to enter a restaurant. Some hairdressers also have a 2G rule *, such as* reported.

Lidl: 2G rule when shopping? Discounter takes a clear stand

But what about the grocery store now? Does the 2G rule apply at Lidl? Like the supermarket giants when asked by announced, the 2G regulation will not come into force. “As a food retailer who ensures basic supplies, we are not affected by the 2G regulation. We will not implement this either in or outside Hesse. The well-known distance and hygiene rules as well as the mask requirement still apply in our branches, ”said a spokeswoman for Kaufland.

And retail giant Lidl, headquartered in Baden-Württemberg, has no plans to implement the 2G regulation. When asked, the company said: “We will not introduce any 2G regulations in our branches.” *, and are an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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