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Fuel: for employees, it will be the companies that will pay the indemnity

Prime Minister Jean Castex has promised: all employees earning less than 2,000 euros net per month will be entitled to an “inflation allowance” of 100 euros.

This aid is supposed to offset the rise in fuel prices, which has been particularly strong in recent weeks.

All persons holding an employment contract at the time of the announcement of the measure are concerned. They simply have to meet the criterion of a salary of less than 2,000 euros net per month. Apprentices will also have the right to the allowance.

This will be paid directly by the companies. Employers will reimburse themselves «fully» by deducting these sums from social contributions levied by Urssaf, says Les Echos.

Workers in the private sector will get their compensation in December, and civil servants in January. Regarding the self-employed, the rhyme will be paid by the Urssaf.

“The inflation allowance» will also be granted to job seekers and scholarship and self-employed students. In total, the aid measure concerns nearly 38 million French people.

What to cope with the soaring fuel prices. A liter of diesel, currently sold at € 1.5583, has never been so expensive. His previous record was set in October 2018, just before the yellow vests crisis.


Fuel employees companies pay indemnity

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