“On fairly sold ranges, this is not justifiable”, castigates a bodybuilder

Friday, October 15, the Renault plant in Sandouville, near Le Havre, had to stop its activities at least until the beginning of November because of the shortage of parts. This is also the case for the Batilly site near Metz, which closed for the week. And the shortage also affects garage owners and bodybuilders who have no more parts to repair the vehicles entrusted to them.

Some customers see their car immobilized for several weeks, which has very concrete consequences for Elsa’s life, for example. She is 32 years old and works in real estate. After a crash and a badly damaged bumper, it’s been two weeks since his car was stuck in the garage. “They lent me a car, which is already good but what is binding is that it’s a Twingo, explains this mother. Suddenly, to take my children to school, it’s quite complicated because it’s still a small vehicle. In addition, I work 30 minutes from home so I still have a long way to go. In Twingo, that’s not ideal. ”

Elsa is far from the only one in this situation. Jacky Barthélemy is the manager of the CDA Bodywork in Chilly Mazarin, in the Essonne department and in his garage, he estimates that 15% of the vehicles he receives are affected by parts delays. “It is not always on important deadlines but we still go beyond 48 hours and we, that impacts us immediately.”

Vehicles immobilized on October 21 in a Chilly Mazarin bodywork impact 15% of customers. (DIMITRI MORGADO / RADIO FRANCE)

A shortage that affects all types of cars, old models, as well as new ones. “A vehicle that is more than 10 years old, someone tell me that there is a problem with the part, I understand, concedes the bodybuilder. But a vehicle that is less than 10 years old, in addition to fairly sold ranges, is not even justifiable. We are the last link in the chain and we are immediately penalized by the customer, by the insurance. “

This observation is not specific to Jacky’s garage. Christophe Bazin of the Fédération Française de Carrosserie has had feedback from its members. In particular, they lack parts related to the proper functioning of airbags, seat belts or radars, but not only. “On these parts, we clearly know that it is the semiconductors that are the cause of the shortage. But there is also a shortage of raw materials. We hear a lot about it in construction, wood, steel… And if there is a shortage, there is of course an increase in prices. We are confronted with these problems even on plastics, steels, aluminum bars in bodywork. “ And what worries professionals the most is that for the moment, they see no sign of the end of this shortage.

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