Roxanne Varza (Station F): “It’s the fundraising war in France”!

Roxanne Varza (Station F): “It’s the fundraising war in France”!
Roxanne Varza (Station F): “It’s the fundraising war in France”!

Station F announced Thursday, October 21, the launch of Launch by Station F, an online program to help young entrepreneurs. Roxanne Varza, director of the nursery created by Xavier Niel, is the guest of Thursday Pro and takes stock of the ecosystem.

Station F launched Thursday, October 21, 2021 Launch by Station F, a new 100% online program that gives the opportunity to people who wish to get started in entrepreneurship by accessing all the necessary resources and enjoying the best possible conditions. It’s a program “For potential entrepreneurs, people who have questions, who have ideas, but don’t know how to start”, explains Roxanne Varza, director of the incubator created by Xavier Niel in 2017. The idea is therefore to offer them content, tools and a community to discuss and find partners.

This announcement was the occasion for Digital to take stock of the Station F experience and to look back on the French start-up ecosystem, which has recently been driven by record fundraising. “What is happening in the ecosystem right now is just amazing and impressive, admits Roxanne Varza. There has never been so much money in the ecosystem. This is the fundraising war. ” Sorare, for example, who is developing a fantasy football game using non fungible tokens (NFT), digital assets created on the ethereum blockchain, broke all French records in terms of fundraising, closing a round of funding of 580 million euros (680 million dollars) on September 21. On the same day, Mirakl, which has been developing a software solution for the creation of online marketplaces since 2012, announced a financing of 472 million euros ($ 555 million), led by the Silver Lake fund. Vestiaire Collective, which is developing a second-hand clothing sales platform, has raised 178 million euros (210 million dollars) and reached a valuation of 1.45 billion euros (1.7 billion dollars ). Last but not least, this Thursday, October 21, 360Learning, which is developing a collaborative learning platform, raised almost 172 million euros …

Figures that make you dizzy

After raising 5.14 billion euros in the first half of the year, French Tech seems on track to cross the 10 billion euros mark in fundraising at the end of the year. Figures that make you dizzy and push Roxanne Varza to take a step back. “Entrepreneurs sometimes forget that you can not do fundraising. It doesn’t mean anything, actually. This is only the beginning of the story. Once you’ve raised money, you have to prove yourself, and they often forget it ”. The consulting firm BCG and La Boussole, a network of start-up support providers, published a study last May which proposes four other “cardinal points” intended to objectify differently the success of a start-up: economic impact (figure d ‘business, number of jobs created, all types of financing, profitability), societal impact (positive environmental and social impacts, equitable redistribution of value), capacity for innovation (new products and services offered, economic or access model innovative market), and that of adopting responsible governance (actions in terms of employment and employee experience, control of the environmental footprint).

Station F has not yet been entitled to its unicorn (start-up whose valuation exceeds one billion euros) out of the 3,800 young shoots that have passed through the former Halle Freyssinet transformed into a temple of entrepreneurship. Roxanne Varza does not despair of seeing one emerge soon, even if “Everyone is obsessed with unicorns”. She recalls that her primary mission is to support start-ups who create sustainable businesses. The mortality rate for start-ups that have gone through Station F is 3 to 4%. Still too much, according to Roxanne Varza.

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