vouchers in exchange for refueling at Casino and Carrefour

vouchers in exchange for refueling at Casino and Carrefour
vouchers in exchange for refueling at Casino and Carrefour

Carrefour will offer vouchers of 5 euros for a full one. The Casino group will also offer a discount operation by vouchers in around thirty hypermarkets.

How to restore purchasing power to customers when the fuel is soaring? While most brands have relaunched their “fuel at cost” operations, Carrefour has opted for a new approach.

The brand will from this Wednesday until the end of October offer 5 euros in vouchers or discount on the loyalty card of customers who refuel in its stations. To benefit from it, motorists will have to buy at least 25 liters of fuel from one of the group’s 170 service stations.

At the current average price of diesel (1.56 euros per liter), this therefore represents a discount of 5 euros on an expenditure of 39 euros.

A discount that Carrefour considers more interesting for the purchasing power of its customers than an operation at cost price. Distributors’ margin on fuel is in fact between 1 and 2 cents. On a full 25 liters, this therefore represents a drop of between 25 and 50 cents.

In addition, the Casino group announces that it is maintaining its “cost price” operation deployed since August 6 in 100 supermarkets and 35 hypermarkets of the group from Thursday to Sunday.

Another operation will also be launched this weekend in 32 hypermarkets from Friday to Sunday: the stores will offer vouchers equivalent to the difference between the price paid per liter and 1 euro. Concretely, if you fill up 25 liters at 1.56 euros in a participating hypermarket, you will pay 39 euros but the brand will give you 14 euros in vouchers.

However, the Casino group specifies that thiss two operations are not cumulative and that they are not the same hypermarkets.

Frédéric Bianchi and Gaëtane Meslin


vouchers exchange refueling Casino Carrefour

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