Clear the path! This is how the new DVB ticket machines tick

Buying tickets on Dresden’s buses and trains will in future be a matter of seconds. This is made possible by the new machines presented by DVB.

Dresden – Buying tickets in Dresden In the future, buses and trains will only be a matter of seconds. This is made possible by the new machines that were presented by DVB on Wednesday and will be installed in all vehicles by summer 2022.

All you have to do to pay is show your card or mobile phone. The pin is not needed. © Steffen Füssel

“Our vision was to get a ticket in less than ten seconds,” says DVB Marketing Director Martin Gawalek (44). To do this, the operation must be simple and quick.

That is why there are only the four most frequently purchased tickets at the machines.

These are single, discounted single tickets, day tickets and family day tickets. Because they can be understood at first glance, there is no need for complex menu navigation. Corresponding tickets are also offered for lines that cross the tariff zone border.

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Payment is made contactless by placing a giro card, credit card or mobile phone. This also speeds up ticket purchase and makes the new machines less prone to failure.

DVB also saves money on handling cash. And that adds up. Although, according to Gawalek, more than 80 percent of passengers travel with a season ticket, tickets worth 5.5 million euros are sold in the vehicles every year.

Because the new machine is not only technically more modern, but also much smaller and lighter (11.5 instead of 50 kilos), it can also be installed in buses. In those, tickets can no longer be purchased from the driver since the beginning of the pandemic.


Clear path DVB ticket machines tick

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