The price of fuel is always on the rise, where is the cheapest gas station near you?

The price of fuel is always on the rise, where is the cheapest gas station near you?
The price of fuel is always on the rise, where is the cheapest gas station near you?

With gas and electricity, the price of fuel follows the same upward trend, even exceeding the prices before the yellow vests crisis. And Aveyron is not spared …

Prices soar at the fuel pump.

On average, details Provence, a liter of diesel costs € 1.5354, compared to € 1.1578 in May 2020, an increase of 32.6% in less than 18 months. Almost three years ago, on October 12, 2018, it had reached “only” € 1.5331 per liter. Enough, however, to trigger the Yellow Jackets crisis. The liter of unleaded 95-E10, on the other hand, exceeded € 1.60 per liter on average in France, reaching € 1.6073.

Find the cheapest gas station in Aveyron

On Aveyron, the average price of a liter of diesel is € 1.568, according to information from Aveyron prices which are often higher than the national average, the SP95 often exceeding € 1.70 as in Rodez for example, or even € 1.74 per liter of SP98 in Saint-Geneviève-sur-Argence. While the Intermarché station in Bozouls posts prices below the average for all these fuels. This is how it is possible to make substantial savings with full cheaper thanks to the eponymous site., by informing you on their map of France of the prices charged by the service stations around you.

From the to the

Between public authorities and distributors, we are passing the buck; The Minister for the Ecological Transition, Barbara Pompili, asked this Tuesday, October 12 to “distributors to make a gesture in this difficult period, by reducing their margins”.

“There is not much under our feet today to lower our margins since we are already practically at cost price (…). If the State reduced its taxes proportionally, we would follow “, replied this Wednesday Michel-Édouard Leclerc on RMC. But the “tariff shield” presented by Jean Castex at the beginning of the month only planned to lower taxes on electricity alone …

Until when ?

With the economic recovery, the barrel of oil exceeded 83 dollars today after dropping below 65 dollars in August. Even if the price of a barrel stabilizes (assuming it stabilizes), prices at the pump would continue to increase for several days, since according to The echoes, “the full pass-through to fuel prices takes about twenty working days “. The newspaper also reveals that the rise in prices has little impact, for the moment, on the volume of fuels consumed. Perhaps thanks to vehicles that consume less fossil fuels. But if the rise in the barrel continues, on the other hand, the impact will be more felt.


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