After the bike, VanMoof unveils a two-motor speedbike

The Dutch brand VanMoof has just offered a model of a new kind, a speedbike.

While electric bicycles and scooters have invaded the streets of large cities, the firm VanMoof, already a European leader in the motorized cycle market, has launched a challenge, with a new kind of product: le VanMoof V. This “speedbike” is the firm’s first high-speed electric bicycle, so fast that it prefers to call it a moped.

Presented as a real alternative to the car in city centers, it should win over users accustomed to long distances to get to work. Less bulky than a car, less expensive than a motorbike, the VanMoof V is the new practical alternative for those who want to get to work in an environmentally friendly, effortless way.

With speed settings adapted to the various laws in force, the VanMof V is easily capable of reaching 50 km / h, the maximum speed in a large number of countries for this type of machine.

The VanMoof V is a perfect hybrid between bike and motorcycle, the ease of use of which has remained the same. But thanks to its 700 Wh battery, integrated directly into the frame tube, it offers assistance and record range for the brand. Thanks to this power, the VanMoof V benefits from a “boost” button to increase the speed of the machine in record time.

© VanMoof

Two motors and one intelligent system

According to the brand itself, “The VanMoof V will be optimized for a smoother ride over longer distances”. It has a system with two engines fixed in the wheels, and not in the frame, which adds a little more to the model of the Dutch manufacturer. These two engines must be able to provide acceleration ” more powerful “ according to the first information given by VanMoof about them.

In order to counterbalance and always ensure the comfort and safety of the user; the dutch brand offers a system of intelligent use of the engine which allows to adjust the traction in order to make accelerations safer. In this same desire to make the road more comfortable for its customers, VanMoof has implemented a double suspension system, one at the front and the other at the rear on his bike. Very handy on the downtown slopes which can be bumpy or paved in places.

With an advertised price of 3498 €, the VanMoof V is a top-of-the-range model for an electric bike, but it is one of the cheapest options for moving freely and fairly quickly around town.

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