the “plug and charge” finally arrives on the charging stations

the “plug and charge” finally arrives on the charging stations
the “plug and charge” finally arrives on the charging stations

The rise of the combustion engine car required collaboration between oil companies and manufacturers to produce a standard nozzle for pumps and fuel filler flaps for vehicles. For the electric car, on the other hand, we are still waiting for a standardization of the means of payment, while the specific access card terminals are still numerous on the roads, at the discretion of the crossed operators.

Until then, only certain high-end private networks such as Tesla’s Superchargers allowed connection to recharge without having to take out a badge, contactless access or an application. The “plug and charge” (connecting and recharging) is landing on all Ionity terminals in Europe, as has just been confirmed by the consortium, of which VW, BMW, Ford and even Hyundai Group are part.

It is therefore the first public European network to use this technology, which is based on the exchange of information between the terminal and the vehicle. And for that, the two worlds (terminals and manufacturers) had to work together to develop secure digital communication standards. In accordance with the ISO 15118 standard, the Ionity Plug & Charge will allow the owners of vehicles such as the Ford Mustang Mach-E, the Mercedes EQS or the Porsche Taycan will be able to plug in, recharge and leave. Just like an electronic toll badge, invoicing will be done automatically, with an automatic debit from the account.


plug charge finally arrives charging stations

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