Rising energy prices: Ademe’s advice to reduce its electricity bill

Rising energy prices: Ademe’s advice to reduce its electricity bill
Rising energy prices: Ademe’s advice to reduce its electricity bill

INFLATION – With the end of the health crisis and the economic recovery, the cost of energy is soaring, in particular the prices of gas and electricity. Changing certain behaviors allows you to be more economical. Here are the advice of Ademe.

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French households are worried. After the surge in gasoline and gas prices – which recorded a further increase of 12.6% on October 1 – electricity prices could experience the same fate in February or March. “We expect an increase of around 12%”, said Minister of Ecological Transition Barbara Pompili on September 30. Fortunately, there are a few tips that can save you money as winter approaches.

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Soaring energy prices

According to the energy transition agency (Ademe), it is first of all essential to be well equipped with electrical devices that consume little (photos below). “If all French households chose the most economical, we would save 4.9 TWh / year, or as much as the domestic electricity consumption of 2 million people. Over the life of the equipment, the savings for a household can go up to 3000 euros on the electricity bill “, emphasizes the Ecological Transition Agency. It is also the proliferation of household appliances that weighs on the bill. So beware of over-equipped kitchens!

Should I switch off the devices in standby?

15 to 50 pieces of equipment per household are equipped with watches that consume electricity, whether the device is working or not. The total power of these watches for a household often exceeds 50 W, which represents a cost of more than 80 euros / year. Switching them off therefore makes it possible to make substantial savings (up to 10% of our electricity bill), but also to preserve the equipment.

– In the kitchen, for washing machines and dishwashers, watches are often used to detect water leaks, so it is not wise to disconnect them. On the other hand, for cooking appliances and small household appliances (coffee machine, bread machine, etc.) and more generally programmable appliances, which have a hidden standby, it is preferable to unplug them.

– In the living room, unplug game consoles, rarely used radio and television sets for which standby mode is not very useful. And use multi-outlet switches that plug multiple devices together and turn them all off at the same time.

Note that a European directive applicable since January 2017 limits the power of these watches. It is 0.5 W for a number of device categories, but 3 W for devices that remain connected to the Internet or to data networks.

IT: unsuspected consumption

In the age of widespread teleworking, the IT equipment of the French represents an increasingly important part of their electricity consumption. But a few simple steps can save money. The Ademe therefore advises not to let your computer turn on 24 hours a day if you are not using it; turn off the screen if you do not use it for more than 15 minutes; switch off the inkjet printer between two prints, since it does not need to be preheated. However, the laser printer must remain powered on. Finally, unplug the computer plug to turn it off completely, because a computer that is off but still plugged in continues to consume electricity.

In addition, note that laptops consume 50 to 80% less energy than landlines and touch tablets even less.

Less greedy electric heating

In France, around a third of households are equipped with electric heating. In winter, it can represent up to 40% of electricity consumption in the early evening during a cold snap. Here again, a few tips can reduce your bill. According to Ademe, it is preferable to install regulation and programming so as not to unnecessarily heat the rooms when you are away. Also consider replacing your old radiators to improve your comfort without overheating. Thus, the accumulators and the radiant panels diffuse the heat better. Also prefer appliances classified “NF Electricity Performance 3 stars” which detect the presence in the home and the opening of a window. Finally, use another energy to supplement your electric heating, such as a wood-burning appliance, for example, which benefits from financial assistance and allows you to limit your electricity bill.

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Rising energy prices Ademes advice reduce electricity bill

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