Auxerre: the boss of a hypermarket closes his store in the middle of the afternoon and takes his employees to party

On September 14, the manager of a Leclerc d’Auxerre hypermarket decided to take charge of the well-being of his employees. To give them a boost, he decided to close the store earlier to amuse the employees.

Instead of working, they were therefore invited to a giant lotto followed by an aperitif dinner. Jérôme Chaufournais, the owner of the place, had explained his initiative on social networks. “Marie (his wife, editor’s note) and I had promised each other, as soon as a health firing window would allow it, and beyond the Macron bonuses paid, beyond the participation and profit-sharing bonuses that reward the result of all this work, to find us ALL TOGETHER, to take a good breath, and enjoy a little, ”he wrote.

For the lots, each sector of the store had brought back a gift. According to France Bleu, which reveals the information, employees could win a television, a rib of beef or a basket. But the main prize was much more important: an all-inclusive trip to Greece for two, plus a week of paid vacation offered to enjoy it.

Asked by the local media, many employees said they were delighted. “There is a lot of solidarity in all the sites, but we don’t see each other and there is a lot of pressure, it makes us feel good because we don’t think about the store, we are just colleagues”, s’ enthuses a human resources manager.

As Jérôme Chaufournais recalled in his message, hypermarkets did not stop during the crisis, and were widely used. He remembers in particular how, in March 2020, “without a mask and almost without any protection”, it was necessary “to fill day after day the shelves robbed by panic” caused by the first confinement. There is no doubt that the employees appreciated the gesture and that a good number of French people would appreciate knowing such attention from their hierarchy.

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