France: the number of business creations stable in August

The number of business creations stabilized over one month in August (+ 0.1%) after a decline in July, thanks to a rebound in registrations of auto-entrepreneurs, reported Friday Insee.

The number of new micro-businesses is thus up by 3.8% to 52,493 in August, out of a total of 81,396 businesses created.

Over the past 12 months, the number of new businesses has risen sharply by 26.3%, but this is due to the “particularly low level of creations during the first confinement in 2020”, explains the National Institute of Statistics.

During the last three months (June to August), the increase is only 3.6% compared to the same months a year earlier.

Over 12 months, in addition to the sharp increase in the number of new micro-enterprises (+ 28.7%), new companies are also increasing rapidly (+ 28.8%), while the growth in registrations of traditional sole proprietorships is much lower (+ 5.1%).

The government has just announced Thursday a plan for the self-employed, which largely covers the latter category, aimed in particular at better protecting their assets in the event of the company’s bankruptcy.

Lastly, by sector, business start-ups increased in August by 18.3% over one month in transport and warehousing, bringing the 12-month increase to 64.3% for these activities which include deliveries of meals to home, which exploded with the health crisis.

Conversely, creations fell by 12.3% in August over one month in teaching, health and social action activities.

In industry, they also fell 4.8% in August from July, but increased 22.6% over the past 12 months.

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