Business start-ups stable in August but up sharply since the start of the year

While registrations of micro-enterprises are rebounding, those of traditional enterprises are clearly decreasing.

Flat calm on the business creation front in France in August. The total number of registrations, all structures combined, is almost stable (+ 0.1% to 81,396 after -1.0% in July), according to figures from INSEE published on Friday.

Registrations of micro-entrepreneurs rebounded (+ 3.8% after -1.0%) to 52,493.

At the same time, the creations of traditional businesses fell sharply (-5.9% after -1.0% to 28,903).

Once again, business start-ups are on the rise in transport and warehousing (+ 18.3%) and in household services (+ 3.1%). They are down in teaching, health and social action activities (-12.3%).

+ 26% in one year

Over three months, the cumulative number of businesses created is up compared to the same months a year earlier (+ 3.6%). The creations of individual businesses under the micro-entrepreneur regime decreased (-0.5%), as did the creations of traditional individual businesses (-4.2%). Conversely, company creations increased sharply (+ 16.8%).

The “business support” sector is the one that contributes the most to the overall increase (+5600 creations). Within this sector, it is in public relations and communication consulting activities that the increase is the most significant (+1500 creations over the last three months compared to the same months a year earlier).

In raw data, the total number of companies created over the last twelve months has increased sharply (+ 26.3%), “in particular because of the particularly low level of creations during the first confinement in 2020”, explains INSEE.

The creation of individual businesses under the micro-entrepreneur regime increased sharply (+ 28.7%) and represented 64.9% of the total number of businesses created. Same trend for the creation of companies (+ 28.8%) and, to a lesser extent, for the creation of traditional individual companies (+ 5.1%).

Olivier Chicheportiche BFM Business journalist

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