Hybrid cars: the top 10 sales from January to August 2021

Hybrid cars: the top 10 sales from January to August 2021
Hybrid cars: the top 10 sales from January to August 2021

1.126 million new passenger cars were sold in France between January and August 2021, according to the latest data available on the Automotive Platform (PFA), with the market posting a decline of 23.3% compared to the same period of 2019. And of this total, the hybrid segment now represents 24.9% of the market, with 280,570 registrations over the eight months. This is more than diesel which continues to decline, with a market share still in decline, at 22.5% (or 252,909 registrations). AAA Data explains that the resumption of orders remains too slow to support the market which is also penalized by delivery delays linked to the shortage of semiconductors.

Hybrid engine models are however increasingly sought after, driven in particular by regulatory changes and the ecological bonus, even revised downwards. Among its hybrids, it is obviously necessary to take into account the rechargeable ones which continue to grow, with a market share of 8% (89,987 registrations), slightly ahead of the 100% electric models (89,803, 8% of market share). .

If we look in detail at the ranking of hybrid models – including MHEV light hybridizations – the most sold in France (plug-in hybrids have their own top 10), Toyota retains its supremacy with three cars in the top 5 and four in the top 10, the Yaris being the queen of the segment. No wonder for the Japanese manufacturer, which was one of the very first to bet on the hybridization of its vehicles, notably launching the Prius in 1997. Renault comes in 2nd position with the Clio and 4th with the Captur. The French manufacturer will certainly be able to count on its Arkana hybrid in the coming months, which is slowly climbing up the rankings. The diamond SUV came in second in August alone, with 1,753 registrations. This is more than the Captur which accumulates 1293 registrations in August, but less than the Yaris which arrives at 2712 registrations. To be continued …


Hybrid cars top sales January August

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