French car market: the decline continues in August 2021, the hybrid is on the heels of gasoline

French car market: the decline continues in August 2021, the hybrid is on the heels of gasoline
French car market: the decline continues in August 2021, the hybrid is on the heels of gasoline

After a gloomy July 2021, August 2021 is of the same ilk for the French automotive market. There is a general drop of 15.1% in new registrations compared to 2020. Only the electric and especially the hybrid stand out.

Month after month, the same observation emerges. The French automobile market continues to fall. After a month of July 2021 at -35.4%, August 2021 – which has one more working day – shows a contained drop to 15.01% compared to August 2020. But if we had to refer to August 2019, the fall is more dizzying, at -31.9%.

According to data provided by AAA Data, “there were 88,074 new car registrations over the past month, compared to 103,631 in August 2020 and 129,257 in August 2019“. Nevertheless, “the market remains up 12.8% compared to 2020“thanks mainly to short and long-term rental companies as well as to business sales. However, the new registrations market”has already lost more than 340,000 registrations (-23.3%) in eight months compared to its pre-crisis level in 2019“.

This gloom is explained, according to AAA Data, by a recovery of orders too slow to support the market and “delivery delays due to semiconductor shortage“. Indeed, several manufacturers such as BMW, Toyota, Volkswagen, the Stellantis group – although DS assured us that the supply was secure – and others recognize that they are struggling to obtain semiconductors.

But this justification cannot be sufficient to explain this fall. For the specialized French site The Automobilist, there are two other factors. The first is the decrease in supply and a “overabundance of expensive EVs and PHEVs that are not necessarily accessible or desired“.

Still according to the site, “some brands may become disillusioned from 2024 or 2025 by only offering EVs“. He adds : “not sure that the forced and forced electrification of the vehicle fleet associated with the persistent lack of charging infrastructure is helping to revive the market“. These are especially the”generalist brands that have the most to lose“except maybe”Toyota, Hyundai and Kia who persist in a diversified offer of engines even on new vehicles“.

Hybrids are on the heels of gasoline, and electrics reach 11% market share

If July 2021 had not been rosy for electric vehicles, August 2021 was more pleasing with 9,913 registrations, an increase of 77.30% compared to August 2020.
For the first time, electric power exceeds 10% market share to 11.26%. Since January 2021, 89,952 electric vehicles have been registered. (source Autoways).

But once again, it is the hybrid and plug-in hybrid sector that is doing well with an increase of 125% since the start of the year. All hybrids have a 29% market share (24,578 registrations) in August 2021. They thus exceed diesel (18%) and are now close to gasoline (37%).

In detail, non-rechargeable hybrids account for 20% of the market (including about half of micro-hybrids) and rechargeable 9%. The latter, helped by a bonus of 1000 euros, jumped 175% over eight months.

Hybrid cars: the top 10 sales from January to August 2021

Tesla Model 3 ahead of Renault Zoe and Peugeot e-208

August 2021 sees the winning return of the Tesla Model 3, just like in June 2021. The American is still number one with 2541 registrations, followed by far by the Renault Zoe (1177 copies) and Peugeot e-208 (1034 units) .

We should point out the fantastic comeback of MG whose ZS went from 10th place to 4th place, with 659 registrations admittedly.

Another big surprise is the appearance of the Tesla Model Y in 19th place in the ranking, with 117 units sold. Remember that the first Model Y were delivered to their owners just a week ago.

Peugeot, Citroen, DS and Jeep in force on plug-in hybrids

This month of August 2021 once again saw hybrids and plug-in hybrids dominate the French car market in terms of registrations. Also in the plug-in hybrid sector, there are 7,484 registrations.

On the first ten models, the Stellantis group (ex-PSA and Fiat Chrysler) places four cars with once again the Peugeot 3008 Hybrid (775 registrations) in first place, followed in 3rd place by the Citroën C5 Aircross (373 registrations). The Mercedes GLC occupying second place with 583 registrations.

The DS DS7 Crossback (294 registrations) takes 5th place while the Peugeot 508 occupies 9th position (210 registrations). As for Renault, it is 8th with the Captur (252 registrations).

Another brand of the Stellantis group, Jeep which is positioned in 14th and 16th place with respectively the Compass (155 registrations) and the Renegade (144 registrations).

Toyota, master of the hybrid and Renault in ambush

Non-plug-in hybrids have exploded the numbers with no less than 17,094 registrations. Micro-hybrids are also included.

The market is dominated by Toyota which places 4 cars in the Top 10 but Renault is also in ambush.

In first place, the inevitable Toyota Yaris with 2712 registrations followed in second and third position by the Renault Arkana and Captur sold respectively to 1753 and 1293 copies. The Toyota Corolla (997 units), RAV4 (679 units) and CH-R (654 units) are placed in 4th, 6th and 7th place.


French car market decline continues August hybrid heels gasoline

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