Airbnb fined 300,000 euros for failure to inform consumers

Airbnb fined 300,000 euros for failure to inform consumers
Airbnb fined 300,000 euros for failure to inform consumers

The Repression of fraud raises the tone against the giant of tourist rental between individuals. Airbnb was fined 300,000 euros for not having sufficiently informed consumers, in particular about their right of withdrawal, when using their services, announces a press release from the organization released Tuesday, August 3. This administrative fine was sent to Airbnb Ireland Unlimited Company, to “non-compliance with the regulations provided for by the Consumer Code applicable to operators of digital platforms”.

The fine results from “checks on the website of the Airbnb platform”, carried out by the investigation service of the General Directorate for Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Control (DGCCRF). Controls showed “the absence of information relating, for each advertisement, to the quality of the supplier (professional or private), to the provisions of the Consumer Code on the right of withdrawal and those of the Civil Code in matters of law of obligations and of civil liability “, declares the Repression of Fraud.

Contacted by AFP, Airbnb assures in a statement “take seriously” the “consumer law and the accompanying transparency requirement”, and having taken “measures, welcomed by the European Commission, to help guests identify themselves as individuals or professionals”. However, the platform did not respond to the other grievances which motivated the sanction, underlined by the DGCCRF, namely insufficient information to the consumer concerning his right of withdrawal but also his rental civil liability for accidental damage caused to housing by the fault of the tenant.

On July 1, the City of Paris had obtained the condemnation of the platform to a fine of more than 8 million euros, for having maintained since 2017 advertisements without the compulsory registration number, the same day on which the platform announced to return this number is compulsory for all its Parisian advertisements.

The Paris judicial court had condemned Airbnb Ireland to a civil fine of 8,000 euros per advertisement for furnished tourist accommodation published without a declaration number – the town hall had listed 1,010 – for “breach of the obligations of the Tourism Code”, according to the judgment. The court had “taking into account the seriousness of the breach in question, its duration and its effects with regard to the general interest objective of combating the shortage of rental accommodation” in the capital.


Airbnb fined euros failure inform consumers

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