12.7 million French people will receive a tax refund

12.7 million French people will receive a tax refund
12.7 million French people will receive a tax refund

The State is preparing to pay 10.4 billion euros to 12.7 million tax households which have overpaid taxes in 2020. Conversely, there are 10.8 million households not to be affected. have paid enough.

The State takes stock of the 2021 tax declaration campaign. Unsurprisingly, the number of French people who declared their income online or automatically continues to increase. Nearly 34.5 million tax households, or 88%, declared their 2020 income in this way, the ministry responsible for public accounts said in a press release.

The State will receive 16.3 billion euros in regularization

After declaration, 38% of tax households had nothing to do (14.4 million). On the other hand, they are 10.8 million (28.5%) to have to pay a certain amount to the State. A situation that can arise when the rate of the withholding tax has not been adjusted after an increase in the declarant’s income. The state expects to touch 16.3 billion euros in this way. Amounts that will be taken directly from the bank accounts of the households concerned, between September and December.

But even more of them are waiting for a refund. 12.7 million tax households will receive a tax refund for a total amount of 10.4 billion euros, either because they benefited from tax credits, or because the rate of the withholding tax was too important.

Refunds will be made by bank transfer on July 20 and August 6. Those who have not provided their bank details will receive a check by post.

The ministry in charge of public accounts also specifies that it has received 5 million calls relating to taxes, which makes it the preferred contact channel for users. Electronic messaging comes in second with 3 million emails sent. They are only 2 million French to have gone to counters during the campaign of declaration of the taxes in order to obtain help. The chatbot, a discussion robot, remains a confidential contact channel. Only 500,000 conversations were held using this tool.


million French people receive tax refund

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