What’s next after Shadowlands? Leaks & Rumors

What’s next after Shadowlands? Leaks & Rumors
What’s next after Shadowlands? Leaks & Rumors

Which expansion is coming after WoW: Shadowlands? Is there anything else coming? We have compiled all known information for you.

Even though Shadowlands will soon be only a year old, many players are already looking longingly into the future and asking themselves: What will happen after Shadowlands? Will there be an expansion for World of Warcraft at all? Where could it play and what could the next expansion be about?

A notice: This article is constantly updated and expanded as new information emerges. It is currently on 08/14/2021.

Is there an expansion to Shadowlands? Yes, that has already been confirmed. The game director Ion Hazzikostas already announced at the start of Shadowlands that there will be an expansion to Shadowlands. That was only mentioned in a half-sentence “by the way”, but the continued existence of World of Warcraft is considered to be assured.

When could the next expansion be released? There is no specific date yet, so we can only speculate. If you look at the current World of Warcraft schedule and especially the shifts in the last few months, the next addon seems to be a long way off.

A realistic date would be spring or summer 2023, as Blizzard will first bring a patch 9.2 to end Shadowlands – maybe even a patch 9.3 will come. Then the next enlargement would be pushed back even further.


So far, only Blizzard knows what happens after Shadowlands.

Theories and Speculations – What’s Next After Shadowlands?

What is the next addon about? Even though we know that there will be a 9th expansion for World of Warcraft, the content is still uncertain. However, based on the story so far, one can already speculate

One of the most common theories is that at the end of Shadowlands there will be a big change that will affect the Shadowlands in particular. It is believed that the connection between Azeroth and the Shadowlands will be cut. Many members of the community see this as necessary for death to remain a major threat in World of Warcraft. Otherwise one could simply “visit” deceased characters all the time, which makes death appear harmless as a consequence.

Regardless of this, the WoW cosmos still offers many worlds in which the story could continue. In addition to the shadow lands there are a whole series of other dimensions, namely for the other cosmic forces. So the worlds of light and emptiness could move into focus next.

That would also go well with the previous stories. A conflict between light and emptiness has been brewing for several expansions, so it seems very likely that this fight will come into focus at some point.

So far, the future of World of Warcraft is still nebulous and uncertain. As soon as there are promising leaks or strong theories, we will update this article here and let you know about the latest developments.

What expansion can you imagine after Shadowlands? Where do you wish your next trip to the Warcraft universe would go?